Frances Velling received her art training from age 8 through college degrees at Washburn University, Evergreen State College, then independent studies with Sal Moccia of New York. A long list of show awards in many juried exhibitions has honored Velling's career as a professional artist. Her art has been featured on brochures, publications, programs, exhibitions, and in galleries. She also enjoys jurying art shows.

Velling states, "Art is about enriching other people's lives and my customers happiness is the reward for what I do. I create art to engage my intuition and imagination. There is nothing like the feeling of knowing other people are enjoying my art as collectors. Color is the language that speaks to everyone and that is what makes a painting step off the walls into the heart of the viewer. Through my art, I express my affinity for vibrant color using expressive strokes to render a sense of movement and texture giving the painting a life of its own".

Velling is passionate about painting the subjects of music, figurative, and florals where she expresses her affinity for colors using palette knives to apply thick impasto strokes of acrylic paints. In her paintings, she chooses to share her love of music because research shows it affects every part of the human brain, sense of vision, hearing, heart, emotional responses, thoughts, and memories beginning at the age of 6 months. There is always music playing in her studio. Velling also brings with her a passion for creating interest and harmony in her paintings. It is not enough to know the intensity of the chroma or value to render an image. The effort comes from making her emotions connect with those who view her art. "I've seen adults weep in front of my paintings and believe they are so deeply affected because they are connecting with an emotional experience in their lives and with me. If you love your job, you never work a day in your life. Standing in front of an easel all day is not a bad way to spend your life and the work of art remains fresh, beautiful, and engaging for a lifetime."