Frances Velling received her art training from an early age through college degrees, then independent study with Sal Moccia of New York. Her award winning paintings are owned by collectors around the world, have been published in brochures, magazines, posters, programs, and a book for the Seattle Public School system. She has taught art classes at college level, a private school, and as a volunteer teacher for "at risk" children. Her career began with painting full wall murals, up to 25' long, in private residences, commercial buildings, hospitals, and doctor's offices. Her murals were featured in Better Homes and Gardens, Decorate With Paint, and Paint Decor magazines. When scaffolding became too burdensome, she changed to fine art painting, on large 4' x 6' canvases, in mixed media. Today she paints florals, music related, and figurative, subject matters on smaller canvases. She expresses her affinity for color using brushes, palette knives, and spatulas to apply thick impasto strokes of paint and other mediums which give her paintings a sense of movement and texture.

Velling states, "Art is about enriching other people's lives, and my customers happiness is the reward for what I do. I create art to engage my intuition and imagination while knowing people are enjoying my art as collectors. Color is the language that speaks to everyone and that is what makes a painting step off the walls into the heart of the viewer. Standing in front of my easel all day is not a bad way to spend my day while my art remains fresh, beautiful, and engaging for a lifetime."

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