Customer testimonials

I can't tell you how thrilled, excited, and elated I was when I opened your painting at Christmas. I love your paintings and am so pleased to have one of your works. We hung it in our dining room and it brought the room to life. The colors match the colors of our walls and it is just perfect. You are such a gifted painter and I hope to own more of your artwork. They make me happy. Thank you.

Now that I own seven of your paintings my friends and family keep telling me how beautiful my home is. Your beautiful art completes my home and makes it more enjoyable for my family and guests. Each painting I have purchased made a particular room sparkle with new life. People make comments that they like the feeling you create in your paintings. I wish we had met sooner but I know I will enjoy your art for the rest of my life. Bless you, I can't thank you enough.

The paintings we purchased from you make our new home feel elegant which is rewarding when our guests comment on your art. We thank you for helping us select the best paintings for each room which made our home dynamic and comfortable to us. We are happy with everything we have purchased from you and appreciate your professionalism.

Your paintings are addicting. With each painting I buy, they make my home more beautiful which tells me I need more. You are a talented artist with a special gift and I feel blessed to know you. I treasure my four paintings which give my home a designer's touch. Thank you for your professional customer service and I will see you again.

Your art is exactly what we were looking for in size, colors, and versatile subject matter. We are happy to have your stunning work in our living room. Thank you for all the courtesies you bestowed upon us. You are a true professional artist. Next time we see you we will be looking for art for another room in our new home. Best wishes.

Thank you for making my day. I couldn't be any happier with my two new flower paintings but can't decide which one I love the most. Thanks to you, your artwork changed my home giving it a new comfortable look. My friends like my new paintings and told me I need more. That means I will see you again.

We almost bought only one of your paintings but glad I could talk my husband into getting two. They are just right and we are excited about the change. I particularly like how you painted the floral one using my favorite color of red and my husband is enjoying the music painting. We are glad we saw you at the show and I am especially happy with the new look of our home.

We never expected to own six of your paintings but with each one we bought, we found another space that needed your art. Your paintings suit our home well and are just what we needed. Each room has come to life now with an energized feeling from the paintings. My favorite is the lilacs and my husbands favorite is of the woman in Paris. You are an inspiration with so much talent and we are glad to have your work in our home. Thank you for making our home so inviting.

The painting I bought from you reminds me of my beautiful mother. It has a warm feeling, looks like her, and I will cherish it forever. My heart felt thanks to you for painting it for me to have in my home. I will always treasure it and thank you so much.

We now own 5 of your paintings. I can't stop buying because I see more and more that I like. I am glad that you paint different subjects which make your paintings fun to have. My family likes them and my husband tells me to buy more! It is a pleasure to know you because you bring so much happiness into my home. You make it easy to buy with your professionalism.

I always dreamed of having elegant art in our home. Now that we own several of yours, our home feels elegant to us and each room is the way we wanted them to be. Our friends and family tell us which is their favorite painting and I tell them they should buy your paintings too. We will keep track of where you are from your website and also want to thank you for giving customer service with your special touch.

I have looked at art but never bought before until I saw your work at the show. Being a piano teacher, it was exciting to see a painting of a piano that I could hang in my powder room. It was perfect and I knew I had to have it. The colors are just what I wanted and I love everything about it. I will look for you again and thank you for painting it just for me.

My husband and I are excited about the saxophone player painting which we hung in our family room. We are a family of musicians and everyone can see it when they enter our home. The painting is a conversation piece as I knew it would be. We have had lots of good conversations about it and fun comments. The colors, size, and hands on the saxophone are great. Thank you for painting such a fun piece of art for us to enjoy with our friends and family. We will probably be back for another one.